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Lunar calendar 2015
of haircuts and hair care

We owe much to the natural law, which states that the motion of the moon affects the growth and quality of hair. You can achieve great results, if you seriously treat the lunar rules of hair care

Haircuts and hair care
How to calculate when to cut, remove, paint and curl your hair with a Moon calendar:

1. Go to the page of the Lunar Calendar (opens in new window Ëóííûé êàëåíäàðü ñåãîäíÿ)
and to determine the required date, in which phase and in what zodiac sign is the Moon.

2. Come back to this page and read the recommendations of the lunar calendar's hair care products for the corresponding zodiac sign, considering the phase of the Moon:  

When you need to cut their hair
according to the Lunar Calendar 2015?

Properly choosing the time for cutting hair, you certainly do not get a guarantee that they will not fall out. Very often with lush hair has to leave because of the side effects of medications, hormonal changes, mental disorders. Hair may fall out during pregnancy and puberty, but then the structure of the hair is restored

Choose the right time to cut hair - is the perfect way to keep a beautiful hairstyle.
Verify this by doing!

Rules and recommendations of the Lunar Calendar

Very good: Leo and Virgin when the Moon is waning, or the young moon:

• Hair, cut under the sign of Leo, are thick, but trimmed under sign of the Virgin, grow quickly, keep their shape longer and preserve the beauty.

• Hair, cut at a young moon, remain healthy and grow fast.

• If you have cut at the waning Moon, the hair also remain healthy, but will grow slowly.

  Well: the young Moon except for the days of Cancer and Pisces.  
Poor: the waning Moon in Capricorn.  
Bad: under the signs of Aries and Gemini. In your hair may appear bald spots, if you repeatedly cut them at the waning Moon under these signs.  
Very bad: in the days of the Cancer and Pisces. If possible, try on those days did not even wash his head..  
! Possible consequences of a wrong choice of time for cutting hair: thin hair, hair loss, dandruff.

If your hair is falling out, too thin or too fat,
recommended a "course", the impact of which is bound to affect:

• From February to August, every month you need to cut your hair or just the tips of the hair in the days of Leo. During this period, Leo is always growing Moon, which enhances the effect. "The quality of the Lion" particularly affects male hormones, maybe this is the reason the "hairy" days of Leo influence (ie, the hair becomes stronger).
• In these days, once or twice a week, whisk the one or two eggs (yolk and white) and rub them after washing into scalp. Wait a while and then rinse the head several times with water.
• It is important that the last rinse was done with cool water. The temperature is correct, if it is felt as a head cold. This advice should always be used, even if you have a healthy and strong hair.
• Do not use a hair dryer at this time. But if it necessarily to happen, then wait after washing, at least a quarter of an hour. Never hair blown by "the wrong way" and too hot air, it destroys any long hair.

Previously, you were wearing a short haircut, and now you want to have long hair,
but are afraid that as long as the hair grow back, you will have sloppy form?

Your recipe is simple:
one day in March, start changing hairstyles and within six months trim the hair just under the sign of the Virgin when the young moon. When hair reached the desired length, the transition period has come to an end. Hairstyles transitional phase you no longer need.
Rules and recommendations of the Lunar Calendar
Very good: the waning Moon in Capricorn.
Long enough hair will grow slowly.
  Well: the waning moon, except for the sign of Leo and Virgin.  
The hair in the ears and nose should be cut under the sign of Pisces, then they will be fine and will not be pricked. Fine hair you need and in any case can not be removed completely. Do not rip out and do not use chemicals. Chemistry has nothing to do either in your nose or in your ears.
Neutral: the waning Moon in the sign of Aries and Taurus.  
Poor: the young and the waning Moon in the signs of Leo and Virgin.  
Very bad: the young Moon in Leo and the Virgin.  
! Possible consequences of a wrong choice of time for hair removal: hair quickly grow and become more dense.
Particularly unpleasant such hair in the nose, because it starts to bang.
If you often have headaches or migraines, try to make a short hairstyle.
Discard chemicals for hair care, and in the evening spray the head with cool water.
Recommendations of the Lunar Calendar
for SHAVE the HAIR
Beard grows faster at a young Moon than in the waning.
If you shave every 2-3 days, do not do it in the days of Aries - may appear in the beard receding hairline.
Íà÷àëî ñòðàíèöû
Horn - it is a living substance that can accumulate substances from the environment: dirt, dust, and above all - radiation. During the day long hair can accumulate a large enough charge, especially if you use chemicals and artificial materials in the form of hair fixers, gel, and so on.
Did you ever wanted to cut your hair very short?
Often a person has such thoughts, but, surprisingly, they disappear, you only wash your hair.
Recommendations of the Lunar Calendar
Paint, painted with a young Moon, stays the longest, and the color is more intense.
Paint, painted with the waning Moon, washed off quickly.
Earlier in the water to wash your hair added a bit of vinegar, so the hair beautifully glittered. Vinegar has not lost this effect so far, you can use it today, especially as it is not harmful to the environment as opposed to the modern chemical cosmetics.
Vinegar is especially useful for curly hair.
Rules and recommendations of the Lunar Calendar
Very good: under sign of the Virgin at any Moon.
Hair is not whipped, they hold out very long beautiful curls.
  Well: not under the signs of Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces or Aquarius.  
Bad: sometimes under the sign of Leo, because it turns out perm too strong. But, if you have straight heavy hair, which does not hold any curl, try again, now under the sign of Leo.  
Very bad: under the signs of Cancer, Pisces and Aquarius.  
! Possible consequences of a wrong choice of time for curling hair:
tired, brittle, discolored, dull hair.

Some lunar calendars are "exact" instructions, but it is only tribute to fashion not based on any data. Some abused knowledge about the moon, giving useless and redundant information. This can not be avoided, although it is often frustrating, because the ancient knowledge is so valuable, that offer them for the fun of the day it is not necessary. J. Paungger, T. Poppe
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